Hi!  I’m Ellen (they/them) from the band Ellen Siberian Tiger! 

Ellen Siberian Tiger - Live Photo. Credi

An Artist Statement  (sort of)
I want to make music that sits at the intersection of seemingly conflicting emotions. The right song has helped me to find peace in sadness, power in grief, and turned my anger to energy, dance and joy. It can be cheesy to talk about how music is transformative and healing, but it fucking is! And that’s why I love it.

About The Project:

I started the band back in 2009, so at this point it’s partially a rock band and partially my weird Sasha-Fierce-esque alter ego. I’m just kidding. But it is hard to sum up since -thankfully- a lot has changed since I was a teenager. These days I’m inspired by artists like Guerrilla Toss, Bjork and Dent


While I’m the primary songwriter, singer and guitar player for the band, I’ve never been a “I wrote and recorded every instrument in my bedroom” kinda person. I love working with my friends! Here are the people to help me achieve my *~musical vIsion~*.